Receive free resources for drug prevention, career development, family building, and basic needs.

Drug Prevention & Treatment Resources

UYLC provides free RX lock boxes that serve as storage containers to safeguard medications at home. These lockable pill boxes help to prevent prescription drug abuse. Free at-home drug testing kits are also available for parents and schools. We also provide free Naloxone that can be administered in case of an opioid overdose emergency. Naloxone is a life-saving drug to have on hand. Please contact us to receive any of our drug prevention or treatment resources.

Free TeleMental Heath Services

Free TeleMental Health Services are available to all youth and families in our community through a generous grant UYLC has received. These services are offered through A Body and Mind Health Services.  Please call us at 208-683-8320 for more information.

Basic Needs Resources

UYLC supplies community members with food, clothing, and transportation. You may visit the food pantry and clothing selection that UYLC has received donations for. Free dinners and snacks are provided every day at the UYLC Teen Centers and K-6 After School Program. Transportation can be provided to and from UYLC events to those who need it. To learn more about these resources, contact us!

Development Resources

If you or someone you know is struggling with resumes, job applications, and/or career development, our staff members are here to help. They can provide you with basic printing, grammar checks, and a computer to fill out job applications. If you’d like to have a staff member help you, please contact us.

Family Resources

UYLC supports families with their Safe Homes Network and Strengthening Families Program. The Safe Homes Network is a parent pledge program that prohibits minors from using alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs at home or on their property. The Strengthening Families Program is a free 14-week course specifically designed to increase family durability and reduce risk factors for challenging behaviors in youth. Learn more about each with the links below.

SafeHomes Network

Drug-free homes that have taken the pledge.

Strengthening Families Program

Creating stronger, healthier, and more unified families through a safe network.

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