Community Garden

Providing gardening opportunities for kids, youth, and adults in Kamiah and Kooskia.

About the UYLC Community Garden

The UYLC Community Garden is a fenced 40′ x 80′ garden plot that is being used to grow fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs. A garden shed, greenhouse, and raised garden beds are currently being constructed in addition to the tilled garden space. UYLC has a goal to have a full growing season in the spring of 2023. The harvest will go to the kids and youth in the community. One the garden is established and yields increase, the community will be invited to harvest one to two days per week.

Community Growing, Harvesting, and Cooking Opportunities

Currently UYLC has elementary, middle school, and high school students participating in the growing, harvesting, and cooking from the garden. The produce from the garden is harvested and used in snacks and meals at the Teen Centers and K-6 After School Program. Students can also participate in the Garden to Table program, teaching produce preparation and preservation. To learn more about these opportunities, contact UYLC now!

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The UYLC Community Garden is located across the street from Kamiah Elementary School.

Kamiah Elementary School
711 9th Street
Kamiah, ID 83536

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