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Commitment to Youth Safety Begins at Home.

What is the Upriver Youth Safe Homes Network?

As part of the national Safe Homes initiative, the Upriver Youth Safe Homes Network encourages communication among parents to prevent teenage alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use. We want to protect our youth from being exposed to peer-pressure situations when they socialize with their peers.
Parents who take the Safe Homes pledge agree to prohibit minors from using alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs at home or on their property. As a Safe Homes parent, you can choose to be listed in our directory and communicate with other parents who’ve taken the pledge.
SAFE HOMES is a safety net made by parents, for parents. Will you take the pledge?

The Safe Homes Initiative.

Safe Home parents all receive a directory of parents supporting this initiative. They can then feel comfortable calling each other to verify that children and teen get-togethers will be held at a Safe Home with responsible parental supervision. When adults join together and take a united stand, they become more effective than when acting alone!
Children and youth in our community will receive the message that parents care enough about them to try and prevent alcohol, tobacco, other drug use, and avoid unsafe conditions at home. The end result can be a safe and healthy social environment where children and teens can thrive.

What to Expect as a Safe Homes Parent.

Safe Homes parents are asked to sign and uphold a pledge to help prevent underage drinking, smoking, and other drug use among community youth (including your own children). As a Safe Homes parent, you are required to:

How to Communicate with Other Safe Homes Parents.

As a Host Parent

  • Tell guests that leave early that they cannot return later
  • Make the guest list invitation-only to prevent party crashers

The parent of the invited children or youth

Call the parent in charge to:

It's Never Too Early (or Too Late!)

In Idaho, some children report that they started drinking as young as eight years old. It’s not too early to start thinking about substance abuse safety.
As a parent, educate yourself about the risks of drugs and underage drinking by reviewing our resources pages. Explain the risks of using substances to your children. The earlier you start talking to your child about the risks and consequences, the less likely they are to use these substances.

Seeking Help?

Get real support when you need it.


Drug-free homes that have taken the pledge.

Parent Resources

Resources for parents, teens, and kids.


Free transportation for community events.

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