Skate Park

A rad hangout spot for community youth.

What's Going On

Thanks to Jace Sams, Kamiah will be introducing a brand new skate park! Jace has persistently been working towards this goal for his senior project. After his initial grant fell through, Jace remained persistent and was awarded a grant from the Tony Hawk Skate Park Project. Their mission is to help underserved communities create safe and inclusive public skateparks for youth.
Construction is scheduled to begin in October 2022 and will be facilitated by Grindline Skate Parks INC. You can look at the construction plans by clicking the link below.


The Kamiah Stake Park will be located at 807 Idaho Street, Kamiah, ID 83536. Hours will be determined after the skate park is completed and open to the public.

UYLC youth volunteers have done a great job at restoring the space from vandalism and cleaning it before construction! Together they’ve helped in bringing Jace’s vision to life. Scroll through our image gallery to see photos from clean up and the construction concepts.

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