Substance Abuse Recovery

"The opposite of addiction is connection" UYLC has multiple resources for those who are recovering from substance abuse.

UYLC Recovery Programs and Coaching

UYLC’s recovery programs are designed to provide welcoming support for members in our community who are currently in or seeking recovery from substance abuse. Our community members have access to recovery services, materials, and recovery coach training.


We provide many different resources to help aid in recovery. Get free lock boxes, testing kits, meals, job application advice, and more by visiting our resources page.

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Success Stories

I needed somewhere where I felt like I belonged.

Fear of being judged held Amber back from seeking help for her meth addiction. When she finally began treatment, the local recovery community became like family to her. Her peers helped her feel worthy of recovery and gave her the courage to visualize and pursue life as a happy, healthy and sober mom. 

Amber 4 Years Sober

It was the first time I thought I could do this.

Carrie struggled with a meth and opiate addiction for over 15 years before hearing a recovery story at an NA meeting that inspired her to get clean. She went on to reunite with her family, and she celebrates each day by living with intention and being present for her loved ones.

Carrie 6 Years Sober

Recovery showed me that I have power over me, that I can break the cycle and do things differently.

Geri began drinking heavily as a teen to escape the self-hate she developed growing up in a home with alcoholism and mental illness. Twelve-step programs like AA and Adult Children of Alcoholics helped Geri learn to love herself and heal from her past. She has spent her adult life helping others impacted by addiction and currently runs Alateen meetings in Kamiah.

Geri 22 Years Sober

I had it in my heart to quit. I wanted to be someone else, so I had to focus on moving forward.

Marci’s weekends revolved around drinking until her partner asked her to choose between alcohol and starting a sober life with him. By committing to sobriety, Marci has helped to break the chain of her family’s generational alcoholism for her children and grandchildren. 

Marci 34 Years Sober

I get to create a life for myself … and make it whatever I want it to be.

Nathan knew it was time to seek help for his drug addiction after awaking from a coma on his dad’s birthday. At his treatment program, he found the accountability and fellowship he needed to pursue sobriety and steer his life in a direction that he’s proud of. 

Nathan 3 Years Sober

For me, recovery means renewing my life and continually improving and progressing.

Tyler was in and out of treatment six times before he hit the lowest of lows, an experience that pushed him to fully commit to the process. Today, his sobriety allows him to live a fulfilling life as a father, husband, and friend—and to help others in the community as a way to pay forward the support he’s received on his recovery journey.

Tyler 6 Years Sober

Recovery Events

UYLC organizes safe and sober events where people can socialize and enjoy time together without the use of substances. AA, NA, AI-Anon & Alateen meetings are also accessible and listed in our events. See what’s currently happening below!

UYLC Recovery Facebook

We also list updates, events, and meetings on our UYLC Recovery Facebook page. To get connected, visit our Facebook page.


If you or someone you know would benefit from our recovery services, please email us at or call 1-208-743-0392 to learn more.

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