Youth Advisory Board

Youth providing a safe environment to prevent substance abuse.

What is the Youth Advisory Board (YAB)?

The UYLC Youth Advisory Board is made up of teens that desire to be voices for their peers through community leadership. YAB members are the cornerstone of the event planning process and give continuous feedback to the UYLC Board Members.

The Youth Advisory Board members are selected from a pool of applicants and chosen based on their commitment to the UYLC mission. These members work with other community members that have a desire to prevent substance use. Our events would not be possible without them, and we are extremely happy to have such a dedicated group of teens!

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Some of our awesome YAB Members (Mikal Brotnov, Dorian Hix, Jace Johnson, Jace Sams, Robert Whitney, Kadey Hix, Cody Lopeman, Colton Sams) Not pictured: Tanley Snyder, Terren Acheson, Quentin Millage, Caleb Lopeman, Eboney Usher, Daisy Bower, Javon Wells

YAB Board Members


Daisy Bower

Vice President:

Tug Loughran


Autumn Koropnay


Ragen Farris

Community Rep:

Caleb Ekah

Kamiah High School Rep:

Leila Guffey

Kamiah Middle School Rep:

Alexa Davey

CV Middle School Representative:

Evalie Schuster

Other YAB Members

Hope Michalson

James Arragon

Javon Wells

Chaz Wiley

Mackinna Wilson

Kaidenc Roadifer

Lizzi Stemrich

Upcoming YAB Events

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Past YAB Events

See Youth Advisory Board events from past years.

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