UYLC Staff

Our staff and board members go above and beyond to support our community.

Program Leads

Our staff cares deeply about the health and wellbeing of our community. They enter the world of youth focusing on what matters to them: fun, adventure, and friendship! In doing so they’ve helped build a positive foundation of support.

Sharlene Johnson

UYLC Executive Director

Amber Sanderson

Recovery Program/Family Resources Coordinator

Leah York

UYLC Youth Programs Director

Chris Cearley

Teen Center Coordinator

Carrie Bain

Financial Secretary

Amy Woods

Special Programs Coordinator

Jace Johnson

Graphic Design & Social Media Manager

Kama Payton

Data Entry Clerk

Sharron Wicks

Food Services Director

Rich Armiger

Transportation Manager

Jesse Johnson

Facility Maintenance

K6 Staff

Leah York


Kylee Loewen

Head Teacher

Kilee Wilson

Tammy Bower

LifeSkills Facilitators

Sharon Jacobs

Emily Termpsa

Teen Center Staff

Chris Cearely – Coordinator

Estelle Crowe

Ashley Fisher

Misty Grant

Keith Nelson

Patience King

Casandra Enneking

Jason Stewart

Chantel Stamper

Janine Wilson

Families Facilitators

Judy Borgelt

Misty Grant

Amber Sanderson

Emily Terpsma

Food Services

Sharron Wicks


Gina Bowman

Transportation Department

Rich Armiger

Transportation Supervisor

Patti Armiger


Greg Anderson

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